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  • The largest cloud infrastructure operators and internet content providers are moving from leasing bandwidth from service providers networks to leasing or buying dark fibers and building private networks. These networks are increasingly dependent on higher speed optical solutions. Traffic between data centers is increasing at a faster rate than traffic between users and the data centers.
  • Many enterprises are moving from operating their own datacenter to cloud based services that offer lower cost and greater flexibility to scale as their needs increase. This transition is leading to larger data centers where resources are consolidated. The interconnect requirements for these mega-data centers are driving demand for solutions that are optimized for these point to point links. Instead of many smaller data centers with moderate connectivity requirements, these mega-data centers require massive bandwidth over fewer paths. This architecture reduces the need for granularity and places the highest value on cost per bit.
  • Traffic patterns in the cloud networks are different from traditional data centers. Where the traditional network has a lot of north-south traffic between the servers and users, cloud networks have far more east-west traffic between servers. This traffic is used for synchronization and load balancing to maximize the utilization of available resources…

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