CFPQD010C00D is a high performance CFP 100GBase-LR4 transceiver module for 100 Gigabit Ethernet data links over two singlemode fibres. The maximum reach is 10km, with 6.3dB end of life (EOL) power budget. The transmitters are cooled Electro-Absorption Modulated Lasers (EML) generating four optical 25Gbps output signals which are multiplexed together at the optical output port.

The receivers are PIN photodiodes which detects (after optical de-multiplexing) 25Gbps optical input signals. This transceiver module is compliant with the CFP Multi source Agreement (MSA) and hot pluggable. Always contact Skylane Optics® commercial agents for compatibility with different equipment platforms

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MSA (multi-source agreements)

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