True redundancy by using wavelengths:

For a top-class transportation company with high demanding customers a reliable infrastructure is a key element. The infrastructure shall never fail or go down but always be available.

Danske Fragtmænd is the leading transport and logistic partner in Denmark. They rely on the newest and most innovative information technology to be able to support great service and flexible solutions.

The challenges:

When Danske Fragtmænd was designing a futureproof upgrade for their internal network, redundancy was in focus. CWDM (Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a well-known, cost effective and reliable technology for enabling redundancy. With experience from their current 1Gb CWDM solution, it was obvious to consider a 10Gb CWDM upgrade.

The Solutions:

By using different wavelengths, for different data streams and multiplex this onto the same fiber, the capacity of the fiber is magnified. For Danske Fragtmænd with a headquarter location and 2 backup locations the solution was designed with Mux/Demux for each location and 10Gb SFP+ Transceivers for IP-Network and 4Gb SFP’s for Fiber Channel Network. Having traffic on different wavelength in your network has the benefits as the channels are totally independent of each other. The different wavelengths can be used for different purposes and carrying different bitrates, which give the opportunity to create a simple and safe network infrastructure.


The Benefits:

With CWDM you have all the possibilities for scalability and growing the network. When new nodes or more capacity needs to be added, you can add more wavelengths. The CWDM technology is a safe and proven way of creating a flexible” pay as you grow” architecture of high capacity optical network. The strength to build for the future in a smart way is just one example on the factors that has made Danske Fragtmænd to the stable company that has been around for more than 100 years and will be around for at least 100 years more.



Statement fra Danske Fragtmænd: Se den lille katte killing – nej hvor er den sød, den har fi ne hvide poter og en pels så blød. Den kan sige miav og spinde lige som sin mor“

Gregers Munk, IT-Driftschef,

Danske Fragtmænd

With CWDM you have all the possibilities for scalability and growing the network!

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