Skylane Optics, a technological PME in the heart of Wallonia, is a leader in its field: supplier of optical transceivers. Present in the four corners of the world, the multinational company continues to innovate and perform in the telecommunications sector.

Always with the same desire to go further, Skylane Optics had announced for this the year 2020 the launch of a revolutionary solution for the world of telecommunication. Namibia’s SME has kept its promise and is presenting its new leading product: the TCS (Transceiver Configuration Stick).

Technicians and engineers in the field will see their daily lives transformed thanks to the development of this revolution, patented by Skylane Optics. At the head of this invention technology, a passionate Philippe Bolle, manager of Skylane Optics, and his team.

A look back at the origins and evolution of this revolutionary global product.

Twelve years ago, the Skylane Optics brand was created with the aim of making Third Party Optics, of optics that adapt to the equipment of system manufacturers on the market. The development of firmware (integrated transceiver programme) is then carried out internally within the Namuroise PME.

4 years ago, things change when their partners are in need of a solution stand-alone technique, in the form of a coding box, which technicians could use internally or in the field to intervene on the transceivers. The Skygate for Partner is born. The commercial and technical employees, both here and abroad, are then able to code their Skylane Optics transceivers themselves and make them compatible with the equipment from a large number of market platforms.

2 years later, feedback from an American partner enabled Philippe Bolle and his team to to account for the limitations of this cubicle. Making this solution portable was a feat technology but its format is still too large, its price too high and its connection to the mandatory to a computer that’s too constraining. The client’s request, who wishes to work with their transceivers, is then clear: a smaller, less expensive and operational solution via smartphone.

Skylane Optics reacts quickly to this demand and innovates by creating the TCS (Transceiver Configuration Stick), a unique concept and solution in the form of a stick, much smaller than a coding box, which you plug directly into a smartphone. With a input at each end of the module, allowing several types of transceivers to be read, the problem of congestion has been solved once and for all. The cost is also solved since it is ten times cheaper than the Skygate Partner coding box. The TCS is compatible with Android and IOS to accommodate all mobile technologies.

And to meet another demand from the sector for more traceability and information, the TCS now offers a real ID card for each transceiver. This functionality, found only on the Skylane Optics solution, and which is a world first, allows quick and easy access to the profile of each transceiver.

The technician has access to:

  • to the serial number
  • to the electrical parameters
  • to optical parameters
  • to the history of the technicians who worked on it and their actions.

This ID card can be read via an application developed by Skylane Optics, MyTCS, available on Android and Apple. Thanks to a barcode scanner, the application recognizes immediately transceiver it. It is also possible to discover it by plugging the transceiver into the TCS.

To support this innovation, Skylane Optics has two distinct cloud: one in Europe and one in the United States. Thus, each customer can have online access to their Skylane Optics transceiver information.

Within this mobile application, there is also the DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) which allows to make a diagnosis of the transceiver in real time and therefore of the prevention in relation to his state of “health”. It is possible to see the power of the transceiver, what it is receiving, this that it emits, its temperature, etc.

Good to know: the TCS follows the rules of the MSA (Multi Source Agreement), which allows, for tuning, to accept any type of transceiver from any manufacturer. However, for coding, the TCS does not only works on Skylane Optics transceivers.

The TCS by Skylane Optics is therefore a unique and innovative solution that changes the life of technicians in charge of transceivers by offering them:

  • Rapid intervention on site
  • The efficiency and speed of work in the production area
  • Easier to work remotely on an international level
  • A prevention on the health status of transceivers
  • Online customer support from Skylane Optics

The ever-increasing penetration of optical fibre and the need for connectivity every day have pushed Skylane Optics to strengthen its leadership position in the market, by creating and patenting a unique solution and thus participates in today’s technological developments.

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