Boost Data Center Efficiency with Our QSFP-DD 400G to 2x QSFP56 200G AOC Cable

Our QSFP-DD 400G to 2x QSFP56 200G Active Optical Cable (AOC) is the perfect solution for data center operators and network engineers seeking a simple and cost-effective method for aggregation. This flexible cable ensures compatibility and interoperability with multiple equipment platforms, providing reliable performance for both single vendor and multivendor applications. Unlike other third-party providers, we offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

Available in lengths from 1m to 30m, our TAA compatible 400GBase-AOC supports high-speed connectivity over 850nm multimode fiber (MMF).  Skylane Optics is offering this cable with OEM options from MSA and Arista.

Upgrade your data center today with our QSFP-DD 400G to 2x QSFP56 200G AOC cable and experience enhanced efficiency and performance.

Picture of an Active optical cable

Compatibility QSFP-DD 400G to 2x QSFP56 200G AOC
  • DDOQ2M01F20D28E
  • DDOQ2M02F20D28E
  • DDOQ2M03F20D28F
  • DDOQ2M05F20D28G
  • DDOQ2M07F20D28H
  • DDOQ2M10F20D28I
  • DDOQ2M15F20D28J
  • DDOQ2M20F20D28K
  • DDOQ2M30F20D28M

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