The objective of this research project is to design and create an IoT (Internet of Things) generic platform for intelligent multi-sensor sensors, including a hardware platform and its operational system and the software layers needed for its good operation. This IoT platform is the basis for sensor development and will provide intelligent applications in the field of IOT. The dimension of the intelligent application is fully taken into account by devoting part of the research to a specific IoT application, which is the estimation of the level of comfort with a detection of presence "without line of sight". The application chosen herein is representative of the IoT applications. In addition, it addresses both the challenge of developing intelligent algorithms and ISO 7730 as well as a miniaturized multi-sensor sensor.
Research on the IOT will be carried out in this project according to four axes:
• Definition of a platform architecture for intelligent multi-sensor sensors
• Connectivity
• Interoperability
• Protection of private life
The "connectivity" aspects will be addressed by both the angle of internal connectivity, interoperating a local set of sensors in a single network,
The challenge is to exchange data generated by sensors with third parties for use in smart applications. In concrete terms, the objective of this project in connectivity is to find solutions compatible with
IPv6 technologies that allow the fusion of the classic Internet with the Internet of objects.
The "privacy" aspects become crucial with the increase
Private data for external stakeholders. The objective of this project is to make the IoT platform compatible with
Various European and national regulations, in order to provide a solution in accordance with the latest protection of privacy.
Finally, since the sensors are intended to be miniaturized and deployed in a ubiquitous manner (through several computers), another objective of the research is to take into account the constraints of low power consumption and miniaturization to optimize the IoT platform. In summary, this project aims to define a reference IoT platform allowing the opening to innumerable applications.

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