The impressive growth of data center market

The date center ecosystem is going through an impressive growth and innovation as new players, new business models and new technologies converge. It exists more than 100 billion web pages which are spread over 100 million websites, hence, these data centers comprises of enormous data.

Since, the usage of Internet is so wide spread and almost two billions of users are accessing millions of websites daily along with the growing demand for high speed bandwidth video services, it is quite difficult to comprehend the amount of data being downloaded and uploaded every single second through the Internet.


Architecture wiring system

In summary, there are two structured cabling distinct in nature:

The aggregation network that provides links between the datacentre's headend and the servers.
It operates in Ethernet 1, 10, 40, 100Gbit / s, depending on the distances and the rates used. It will be made either in cable 4p copper or fiber.

Symmetrical pair wiring:

For distances up to 100 meters the EA, F and FA transmission channel supports 10GBase-T Ethernet. Below distances of the order of 30m and of the rates up to 40Gbit / s it will be possible to envisage a cabling in symmetrical pair (nb: Ethernet 40GBase-T is in the course of standardization).
Beyond that, fiber remains the medium to be preferred: in multimode up to 100m, in monomode beyond.

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