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Skylane Optics covers Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Latin America (LATAM) and North America (Canada). In Europe and Brazil we deliver products the day after they are ordered, if they are in stock.

As a European supplier, we comply with EU rules and are insured for the whole of Europe.

We continue to expand and are looking for new partners.

All of our strategic decisions, actions and work around the world are guided by our corporate slogan: ANTICIPATE.

Our offices around the world


Rue du Moulin, 18
B-5650 Fraire

T. +32 71 610 640 F. +32 71 610 649 E.


Rua Umbu 286 - 1º pavimento
Alphaville Campinas Empresarial
CEP 13.098-325 Campinas
São Paulo - Brasil

T. +55 (19) 3514-6000 E.


Vikdalsgränd 10A
13140 Nacka

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we are covering the European market with a strong partner network and have offices in Belgium, Sweden as well as in Brazil & China in order to support our partners and customers locally.

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In Asia, hundreds of companies claim to make transceivers. Out of these 10 are really good, 20 are not too bad and the rest are either trading companies or poor quality manufacturers.

At Skylane Optics, we only work with partners having sufficient size to guarantee technological expertise and quality processes.

Our main partners have hundreds of qualified employees and generate more than $100 million annual sales. Some of them are even listed on the Stock Market.



Our large stock, based in Belgium, allows us to supply our customers everywhere in Europe the next business day.


We have more than 6000 part numbers in stock for a value of $2.2 million.