Within a two-year period, the operator headquartered in João Pessoa has started supporting 5000 users in 118 cities of Nordeste.

Active in the telecommunications sector for more than 13 years, with a strong presence in the states of Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Ceará and Alagoas, Tely Communications has grown growing steadily since its inception. Two years ago it began a more aggressive expansion process to grow its market share in the Nordeste region, with R$8 million in total investments.

In order to connect several cities, the company needed to extend its optical backbone. “We had several isolated networks. In order to have a more reliable network, we needed to eliminate communication bottlenecks. At the time these were due to the use of radio”, says engineering manager Augusto César Queiroz Camara.  So the company replaced radio for fibre optics to gain greater reliability, higher speed and to keep up with constantly growing demand.

With that, the network gained greater quality as well as increased capacity for expansion, as it no longer depended on buying additional frequencies each time new users had to be added. “Radio band gradually became less available and beyond the fact that the communications quality of fibre is far superior, the price is also more accessible”, lauds Camara.  However, in order for the fibre optic system to function, it was necessary to purchase transceiver devices.


Why Skylane Optics?

“We selected Skylane Optics for several reasons, such as price, ease of payment, local support and fast delivery”, Camara praises.  “In the past, the company utilized products imported from foreign companies, and if they didn’t work we had to deal with the problem”, the manager remembers.

Skylane Optics supplies 1, 10 and 40-gigabyte transceivers for Tely and the companies have been partners for two years.  Among the benefits Tely has achieved is the possibility for rapid expansion through the service of a trustworthy provider, offering connectivity to its 5 thousand users, guaranteeing 99.9% Internet availability. In two years, the number of users has increased 30% and the number of counties reached has taken off from 70 to 118 cities in all the states of Nordeste.

As 60% of Tely’s clients are ISPs, net availability is a critical mission factor, and a high SLA (service-level agreement) is a condition for staying in business and continuing to expand its projects, which now include a number of users and the corporate market.

Another benefit from the use of fibre optic networks with transceivers from Skylane Optics is the possibility of working with data centres.  Beyond providing services, it is also finalizing the construction of its own data centre certified in Tier 3 international security standards.  “It will be the first such model to be homologated in Nordeste, which requires 99.98% and it is possible to manage maintenance periods without impacting continuity of service of the servers present”, ends Camara.


About Tely

A company of the Sitecnet group, it has been present in all the states of Nordeste for more than 13 years.  Its customer service team is composed of capable professionals, specifically trained for the area and certified to the highest technical standards, whose distinguishing quality is the stability of their data networks.  In fixed operation – including wireless, dedicated Internet, LAN to LAN, among other services – it supports providers, public and private companies, and also the residential market.


About Skylane Optics

Skylane Optics is a leading supplier of transceivers for optical communication.  It offers an extensive portfolio for the fibre market, as well as SmartHome applications and domestic networks.  Headquartered in Belgium, Skylane Optics has offices in Brazil, Luxembourg and Sweden.  Thanks to high quality products combined with solid technical support, Skylane Optics enables its clients to create network solutions at a competitive price.

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