RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for entrepreneurs of service and manufacturing fields, multi-level executives of state institutions and organisations and professionals representing multiple fields of operation, where they can learn about the latest offers of digital service providers and product manufacturers from the Baltics and other countries, consult with knowledgeable specialists and together select the solutions that are most suitable for one’s business or organisation, all in the same place.

The goal of the exhibition is to encourage modernisation of companies, organisations, state and municipal institutions for more effective operation. The content of the exhibition is suitable for entrepreneurs and executives of all fields.


The only annual business and IT field exhibition in the Baltics, where developers and suppliers of business resource management, document management, personnel management and safety systems, providers of cloud, internet and digital marketing services, developers of web solutions and mobile applications, as well as manufacturers of ICT products offer ready and personalised solutions to companies, municipal institutions and organisations of different fields and sizes for more effective operation. Every visitor will receive consultations and suggestions for a more appropriate solution in the stands.


On 9 November, the first day of the fair, IT and other sector executives are invited to meet and have discussions at the “Executive Forum”.  The forum is special due to its content, which has been created by the IT executives themselves. Topics of the present year: social engineering, cyber threats, a cyber security operations centre as a concept, artificial intelligence and artificial vision technologies, GDPR prior experience, the future of banking, future blockchain technology, as well as alternative energy. The forum will also include an exciting user discussion “What about the cloud? To Cloud or not to Cloud?”

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