Skylane Optics offers high performance and cost effective I/O solutions for Data center network, data storage and communication industry.



The QSFP28 & our full portfolio for Cables!


The quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP28) is an optical module transceiver used for both telecommunications and data communications applications.

The Skylane QSFP28 is a high performance transceiver module for 100 Gigabit Ethernet / OTU-4 data links are connected over a single mode fiber pair.

The maximum reach is 10km. This transceiver module is compliant the QSFP28 Multisource Agreement (MSA).


The cables are compliant with IEEE 802.3bj, InfiniBand EDR, QSFP28 MSA standards and RoHS Compliant.

The assembly of this high speed cable meets and exceeds 100 Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand EDR and temperature requirements for performance and reliability.

Skylane Optics 100G QSFP28 Copper DAC or AOC are 4-channel parallel cables that can independently transmits and receives 28 Gbps per lane.

An aggregate data rate of 100Gbps over 3 meters transmission can be achieved by this DAC cable and up to 100m by the AOC.



Skylane Optics Anticipate


Skylane Optics is a Belgian company, established in 1998, and a leading provider of transceivers for optical communication. We offer an extensive portfolio for the business, access to Data Center and metropolitan fiber optical markets.

We cover the European and South American market with a strong partner network and have offices in Belgium, Brazil, Sweden. Our products are characterized by high quality and performance. In combination with our strong technical support, we enable our customers to build cost optimized network solutions.

As a continent of pioneers and technological progress, North America is logically the next step on our map//our world market. A large stock, based in USA, will soon allow us to supply our partners and customers everywhere in the United States the next business day.


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