Today we celebrate the 3 000 000 Optical transceivers shipped

Skylane optics is a supplier of transceivers for optical fiber dedicated to the wireless, metro core, FTTH, datacenter, enterprise/campus.
Currently, Skylane Optics’s product is a module capable of converting an electrical signal in optical signal, and vice versa.

The device is hardly bigger than a key USB. Thanks to him, it is possible to exchange data at the speed of lightning on a fiber network optical. For example, "In Brazil, our transceivers have not only allowed the chains of television from around the world to relay live the matches of the World Cup, but also to thousands of supporters present in stages of sending photos and videos using their smartphones, "says Philippe Bolle.

In recent years, the company located in Fraire, is more and more oriented towards technology transport of data inside the buildings by smarthome, smartcities and home networks application. the Walloon company is the largest supplier of optical module in Sweden, serving more than 1 million connection Fiber to the Home (home connected to the fiber).


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