Limited Lifetime Warranty

Skylane Optics provides a non-transferable, serviceable limited lifetime warranty to the purchaser of a Skylane Optics hardware product purchased from Skylane Optics.

Skylane Optics warrants to the original end customer of its products specified below that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship affecting form, fit, and function. All such products sold will work in the application specified at the time of purchase and will meet the datasheet specifications as found on Skylane Optics’ website or otherwise provided by Skylane Optics. Any claim alleging that any product fails to conform to the foregoing may be made only by the customer who purchased such product and only while such customer owns such product and while the product remains within the serviceable lifetime period.

Skylane Optics, at its option, will repair or replace any product that is determined by Skylane Optics to be defective. Some systems that use Skylane Optics products may be allowed to operate outside of the system manufacturer’s published settings, and Skylane Optics does not cover failure in these circumstances. Skylane Optics reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent new or serviceable used parts.

This warranty covers only defects arising under normal use and does not include malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, problems with electrical power, usage not in accordance with product instructions, acts of nature, or improper installation, improper operation, or repairs made by anyone other than Skylane Optics or an Skylane Optics authorized third-party service provider.

Except as listed below, all Skylane parts, including transceivers, will carry a 10-year serviceable lifetime warranty from the date of purchase from Skylane Optics.

With respect to non-Skylane branded products, any warranty is provided by the original manufacturer and not by Skylane Optics. These products may only be returned in accordance with the return policy in effect for the original manufacturer. The warranties and technical support provided may vary from product to product.

This constitutes Skylane Optics’ entire liability which will never exceed the price paid.


The products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems. Except as set forth herein, Skylane Optics makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and Skylane Optics disclaims and negates all other warranties, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, conformity to models or samples, or any warranties or indemnities against intellectual property infringement.

Some localities do not allow limitations on implied warranties, so these limitations may not apply to you. In no event shall Skylane Optics be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages. All disputes arising out of, or related to, the limited warranties set forth herein (customer disputes) shall be governed by the laws of the country of Belgium. Claims against Skylane Optics for shortages shall be deemed waived if not made within three (3) business days after receipt of the shipment.

Warranty Period

Limited Lifetime (10-Year)

  • Transceivers
  • DACs & AOCs
  • Patch Cables
  • Fiber Adapters
  • Mux/Demux

Filing a Warranty Claim

To file a warranty claim, please submit a request at our Contact Us page.

Please include your order number and as many details regarding the failure as possible.

Effective Date

1st March, 2022

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