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At Skylane Optics we can support a full range of transceivers for different applications. Use the search function or the drop down menus to find the product number and the datasheet you need.

At Skylane Optics we supply a range of passive components to support our fibre optic solutions.

Single Mode Splitters

Single Mode 1×N & 2xN Splitters divide uniformly optical signals from input ports to multiple outputs. Splitters can also be operated in the reverse direction to combine optical signals into one or two fibers.

  • PON, Passive optical networks (ATM, WDM, Ethernet)
  • Fiber optic equipment & systems
  • CATV networks
  • Data communications

PSxxxxxxxxxxxxx_PLC-Splitter – Single mode 1xN & 2xN Splitters PDF

Cwdm mux/demux

The Skylane Optics CWDM series consists in a high performance mux/demux for CWDM dual fiber applications. The mechanical package is a practical ½ rack size unit that can be used stand alone or in the Skylane Optics 1U 19″ rack, L2K09153-01.


  • 8x CWDM channels according to ITU-T G.694.2 standard (1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591, 1611 nm)
  • Express port in 1300 band for channel upgrade or 1310 nm surveillance channel
  • Half Width Rack Mount size or small tube


  • CWDM networking

Datasheet: MDC8UU470A0F – Mux/demux CWDM Upgrade,8ch+47/49/51/53/55/57/59/61+1300 band PDF

Skylane Optics offers you a complete SmartHome Solution.*

  • Infrastructure product for home automation
  • POF network distribution
  • Sensors and actuators with open access

Thanks to our experience in network design and Optical Fiber, Skylane Optics is able to propose you an extended portfolio for your SmartHome needs.
Take the full advantage of a Skylane Optics SmartHome Ecosystem.

Skylane smarthome schema
  • High Network Quality
  • User-friendly
  • Web Interface Monitoring
  • Energy Optimization
  • Remote Control
  • Security
  • Space Saving
  • Flexible

Skylane Optics is an official partner of DigitalSTROM. More info : www.digitalstrom.com


Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) is particularly efficient in SmartHome connections:

  • Highly resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Safe
  • Immune to electrical noise: data transfer with light-impulses
  • Flexible : adaptable to existing construction
  • Cost efficient: cheaper than Ethernet cables and glass optical fiber
Skylane POF product
* Under development, for more information, please contact us