Reliable and Proven Quality

We seek to achieve excellence on a daily basis so that we can guarantee flawless quality for all of your products. 99.98% of our products function perfectly throughout their entire lifecycle.

And we comply with all European and American regulations, which are extremely strict.


Our products are following diverse certifications

MTTF Table

Group Number of field failures MTTF (y)
1G 70 11 309
10G 59 1022
Copper 18 1944

Each product is certified and MSA-compliant. To cover our liability, we pay an annual licence fee for each transceiver design.

We carry out proactive replacements on a case-by-case basis. If a product turns out to be defective, despite all of our checks and inspections, our team will analyse the problem so that a long-term solution can be provided for the customer.

Product Management

> Our products comply with European regulations;
> Last Time Buy: customers are notified if the product is reaching the end of its operating life and whether it is still possible to obtain a similar new product;
> End Of Life (EOL): technical support is provided throughout the warranty period, based on the EOL notification;
> New Product (NP): the customer is notified of the introduction of a new product;
> Product Change Notification (PCN): the customer is notified in the event of a change of product and technical support is provided during the period following the PCN.

Product Management

Our laboratory staff have very high skills levels as engineers and PhDs in optics. We have several test lines: 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G where we can check each and every product properly. The lab also includes a cleanroom and climate chamber.

We have comprehensive knowledge about coding in-house, as well as a subject-related database (history of tests on the various platforms). This enables us to remain totally independent of external service-providers.

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