Quality Makes the Differences

For transceivers the quality difference cannot be seen with the naked eye. While all the transceivers will work on day one, the risk of reliability issues over time can be very high following manufacturing processes.

At Skylane Optics, the manufacturing environment is strictly compliant to the most advanced standards, which will ensure long term reliability.

Sourcing Worldwide

> Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
> Local presence worldwide

Contract Manufacturers
> Vertically-integrated

> ESD/ Class 10K Clean Room
> Testing
> Incoming and Outgoing Quality Control (IQC/OQC)


Skylane Optics Team Belgium

Logistic center
> Traceability
> Stock management
> Programming
> High capacity

> Innovative technologies
> Laboratory

Product management
> New Product Introduction (NPI)
> End of Life (EOL)
> Product Change Notification (PCN)
> Product certifications & Warranty


Our products are following diverse certifications

Customers Key Benefits

European supplier
> Stock
> Fast delivery
> On-site support
> Full compliance with European regulations

> Core Business
> Open Sources & standards
> Any size, any product, any type and anycolor

Reliable and Proven Quality
> 99,98% of reliability

Cost optimization


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