Fiber Optics for Wireless

The mobile phone users depend heavily on wireless networks for performing various communications functions including voice, data and video broadcasting of messages. The significance of wireless can be seen from the fact that even households and businesses count on it.

Wireless is a comprehensive term which requires deep understanding which is why various types of system are discussed including cellular, phones, private, wireless in cabling foundations and other short distance links required for computer fringe networks.



Skylane Optics has a full range of CPRI/OBSAI transceivers designed for mobile backhaul and fronthaul; supporting industrial temperature (-40°C to 85°C) and available at different data rates (3G, 6G, 10G) and transmission distances.

The Single Wavelength - Single Fibre is a CPRI compatible bi-directional transceiver, ideal to double your network capacity without changing your passive infrastructure using a single ITU CWDM channel (technology uses 2x sub-wavelength of a CWDM channel).
It covers the 18 wavelengths and can go up to 36x links.

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Case Study: City of Mölndal

Case Study: City of Mölndal

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