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Skylane Optics is a European company, established in 1998, that supplies a wide range of optical transceivers, passive products and products for the smart home.

Skylane Optics is all about transceivers, Mux Demux solutions, data transport on the outside of buildings – and soon on the inside, too. Skylane Optics has a presence in Asia.

We know everything there is to know about coding. Our products are compatible with the biggest brands, such as Cisco, HP and Ericsson.

We do customisation. Technical on-site support. Commercial support. We have an optics lab to provide a solution to every problem. Then there’s our responsive logistics. We supply 2/3 of the telecoms operators in Europe.

Connectivity has never been this simple

Philippe Bolle

Vision - Mission

The world won’t wait. It just keeps on going. Which means you have to anticipate. Every day. With an open mind. So you can stay one step ahead.

Skylane Optics also aims to be a pioneer on the world market. The company already has a presence on a number of continents, tracks all technology as it develops and is constantly working on its R&D. And to help its customers progress, Skylane Optics works by their side in the long term.


Corporate responsibility

Staying ahead cannot be achieved to the detriment of health and ethical standards. Which is why we are relentless in our application of three rules of corporate responsibility:

> REACH: these are the European Union’s regulations adopted to better protect human health and the environment against the risks associated with chemical substances, while at the same time promoting the competitiveness of the EU’s chemicals industry. REACH also encourages alternative methods for assessing the dangers linked to substances in order to reduce the number of tests conducted on animals;

> CSR: the assurance that partners and suppliers alike abide by European Commission rules;

> RoHS: European directive aimed at restricting the use of six hazardous substances.

Corporate responsibility

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