Request a return or replacement under our return policy. Committed to delivering quality above all with each and every shipment.

In order to assist with our quality and fault finding process, Skylane Optics requires that faulty product is returned within 60 calendar days of a customer's receipt of a Return Material Authorization (RMA).
In the specific case of Advance Replacement orders, Skylane Optics reserves the right to invoice advance replaced product. This right will be exercised when faulty product is not returned to Skylane Optics within 30 calendar days of receipt of a RMA.

Providing the following information will help our RMA team deal with your request more efficiently:

- System diagnostics (e.g. ‘show technical’, ‘show diagram’, ‘show module’ etc.).

- If steps have been taken to resolve the problem, for example if the product was tested in another host device, please provide a detailed description.

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