Press Release – Skylane Optics signs a cooperation agreement with NEC Colombia

7th January 2020

The capacity of Fiber Optics to transmit information at very high speeds has been increasing in response to the ever-growing demand.

Skylane Optics has been developing and manufacturing Optical Transceiver for more than 20 years in Belgium (Europe) and is improving and delivering its products worldwide: Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), South America and North America. In 2019, Skylane Optics products are delivering up to 400Gbps, over distances of up to 2,000Kms. As part of its strategy to expand its transceiver business world-wide, Skylane Optics took advantage of the commercial mission of the the Awex on November 26th to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with NEC Colombia.

Skylane Optics and NEC Colombia are proud to be partners in expanding the Fiber Optics telecommunications market in the countries where NEC Colombia has a presence: Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. “This is the beginning of a strong and successful relationship between both companies and we will keep doing the best to improve communications worldwide with partners like NEC”, says Mr. Philippe Bolle, Skylane Optics General Director.

“Central and South America are very exciting markets, considering that they are improving data transmission capacities day by day, mainly by means of Fiber Optics. And the deployment of 5G Mobile Networks where NEC is playing an important role for optics transmission technologies will leverage the commercial relationship between both companies” explains Mr. Javier Ortiz, President and CEO of NEC Colombia.

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