Data center operators and network engineers have long been frustrated with OEM transceivers, encountering high expenses and restricted choices. These OEM selections frequently entail long lead time, failing to align with the time-critical demands of data centers.

Presently offered by Skylane Optics, the OSFP 400G LR4 presents an alternative from a third-party source, addressing these issues. Boasting a reach of up to 10km, the OSFP 400G LR4 seamlessly caters to 400G long reach requirements. Featuring OEM compatibility and meticulous testing to ensure optimal performance within your specific setup, Skylane Optics’ solution delivers a reliable and affordably priced third-party alternative.


Product SKU Product description
 OFPQL010E00FE8C Arista Networks® OSFP-400G-LR4 Compatible TAA 400GBase-LR4 OSFP Transceiver (SMF, 1310nm, 10km, LC, DOM)

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient data communication over optical fiber links.
  • Ideal for connecting networking equipment within data centers.
  • Low power dissipation of <10W.
  • Operating temperature ranging from 0°C to 70°C
  • Avoid long lead times and backorders with our U.S.- & EU.-based stock and fast shipping.

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