Q28QD080C05F is high performance transceiver modules for 100 Gigabit Ethernet data links over a single mode fibre pair. The maximum reach is 80km. The four transmitters are cooled 1310nm LAN-WDM Electro-Absorption Modulated Lasers (EML) generating four optical 25Gbps output signals, which are multiplexed together at the optical output port. The four receivers are PIN photodiodes which detect (after optical de-multiplexing) 4x 25Gbps optical input signals.

These transceiver modules is compliant with the QSFP28 Multisource Agreements (MSA) and hot pluggable. Always contact Skylane Optics® commercial agents for compatibility with different equipment platforms.

The transceiver integrates the receiver and transmit path on one module. On the transmit side, four lanes of electrical serial data (NRZ) are passed to four laser drivers (with integrated quad-CDR), which controls four lasers with centre wavelengths of 1296 nm,1300nm,1305nm and 1309nm (LAN-WDM). The four optical data streams are internally multiplexed into a single fibre strand (standard LC receptacle). On the receive side, four optical data streams are de-multiplexed (after amplification by integrated SOA) and detected by four PIN photodiodes. The signals are then (after TIA conversion) re-shaped (quad-CDR) and made accessible via a standard CAUI-4 interface. A block diagram is shown in Figure 1.

The transceiver integrates the receiver and transmit path on one module. On the transmit side, four lanes of serial data (NRZ) are recovered by a CDR and passed to four laser drivers, which control four lasers with center wavelengths of 1296 nm,1300nm,1305nm and 1309nm. The optical signals are multiplexed to a single mode fiber through an standard LC connector. On the receiver side ,four lanes of optical data streams are amplified by an SOA, then the optical signal are de-multiplexed by an integrated optical demultiplexer. Each data stream is recovered by a PIN detector, then through the transimpedance amplifier and CDR pass to a CAUI-4 compliant output driver. A block diagram is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1: QSFP28 ZR4 Diagram


  • Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)
  • Metro P2P
  • Enterprise (Links between buildings, Connections between Enterprise and Metro Access locations)
  • High-loss links (making use of the ZR4 30dB power budget)

The goal is to offer a simple and reliable low-cost solution


Alternative solutions

  • Legacy Solutions
    • Muxponder 10G DWDM

  • O-E-O Regeneration 40km + 40km


  • DWDM ColorZ Solution

  • SKYLANE Solution: QSFP28 ZR4


Key Features and Parameters

  • Hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factors
  • Supports 103.125 Gb/s aggregated bit rates
  • Integrated LAN-WDM TOSA / ROSA (SOA+PIN) for up to 80km links
  • Power Dissipation  < 5.5W
  • Requires FEC to reach 80 km
  • Commercial case temperature range 0°C to 70°C
  • Standard 100GE Ethernet CAUI-4 electrical interface
  • LC optical receptacle
  • Digital diagnostic functions

Key characteristics

  • Power consumption of 5.5W average at 70 C
  • Power consumption of 5W average at 65 C
  • Power consumption of 4.5W average at 35 C
  • Supports 60/65Km without FEC
  • 30dB optical budget
  • Compatible with most available router and switches; Use existing blade (legacy router/switch) 


  • Arista Networks
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • Extreme
  • Huawei
  • Juniper
  • Generic

Couldn’t find your compatibility?

ZR4 Benefits

  • Simple Plug & Play Solution:
    • No introduction of extra equipment
    • No training
    • No learning curve
    • No new expertise to acquire,
    • No new supplier introduction
  • No extra cost at the system level (Capex / Opex) to plug ZR4
  • Less points of failure
  • Time to market

ZR4 limitations

  • High Power consumption
    • QSFP28 port has to support 5.5W max @ 70 C on case
      • Check equipment capacity to handle 5.5W (supply and thermal dissipation)
      • Populate ports on the edges of the equipment – Skip some ports if necessary
  • Not scalable : Single 1310nm point-to-point solution; Adding capacity requires multiple fiber pairs.


The QSFP28 100GBase-ZR4 is available!
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