has never been this simple.

Skylane Optics supplies a broad range of optical transceivers, passive products and smarthome. Our engineers work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for every application and all major platforms. We are committed to provide high quality products and services to our customers.

Our strong team

Skylane is a strong team

At Skylane Optics we are not only selling products, we provide you with a full range of complementary services. A strong team, driven by the same goal, handles these services for you.
Our highly educated experts will help you in defining your network design. We will support you in finding the ideal solutions for your application. The Skylane Optics team will work in collaboration with you to find solutions that meet with your budget and project timescales. Our proximity to you allows us to constantly adapt our processes to best meet your needs.

mission, vision & values

our mission

Enable each human to communicate safely through highly qualified and tailored network solutions.

our vision

Be the trusted partner in fiber optics components.

our values


Performing Smartly

“Performing smartly” refers to our willingness to surpass ourselves to suit the identified client’s requests. Our highly educated experts will accompany you defining your network design. We will not only sell products, we will understand your environment. We will focus our know-how on finding the best-matched solutions together with you. The respect of your constraints of time, budget and also the respect of your company philosophy and culture is the keystone of our collaboration success.


Reliable Alliance

For us, relationships are based on trust. It is the key of success and long-lasting activity. We are promoting a clear business reinforced by internal competencies. Whether client, partner or suppliers, they believe in us for our proven expertize but also for our transparency and our loyalty. By strictly following these precepts, we have now more than 20 partners worldwide. This allows us to propose complementary solutions creating a win-win-win situation between our partners, our end-customers and us.


Beyond Quality

At Skylane Optics, our ambition is to strive for continuously improved ways of working. Our procurement manager follows our suppliers on-site ensuring the respect of our quality chart and manufacturing excellence. Thanks to our modern laboratory equipment, our experienced engineers can efficiently test all new products. Our logistics system is continuously reviewed to enhance our delivery efficiency. We have a great openness to the market trends and will be able to advise you in the perfect way. Finally, our proximity with you allows us to constantly adapt our processes to best meet your needs.