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Incoming Quality Control

An inspection process is conducted on parts when they arrive in order to ensure a high level of quality (Skylane Label).
> Control the cleanliness of the optical interfaces
> Verification of the micro-controller
> check the light transmission and wavelength
> Packaging


Outgoing Quality Control

This is a verification process designed to make sure that the right parts are sent out with the right label. This involves a final check.
> P/N reference
> Description by label
> Quantity



Our engineers go into the tiniest detail to ensure that our products operate efficiently and have a long service life:
> consumption of electrical energy in relation to the temperature;
> accuracy of DDM in relation to the temperature;
> optical power and wavelength stability in relation to the temperature;
> measurement of sensitivity at 3 temperatures;
> measurement of the dispersion penalty at 3 temperatures;
> verification of the eye pattern at 3 temperatures;
> all tests are conducted using 3 temperature tests.


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